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Designed with comfort of the

shooter and family in mind,

Texarkana Gun Barn features

services and amenities not currently

available in the Texarkana and

surrounding area with unique

offerings including:

(8) 75 foot indoor lanes that are climate control and
with digitally controlled target dispatch/retrieval
systems for distance accuracy

All 8 lanes feature ballistic rated shooting stalls and
overhead baes for added safety.

Dynamic tactical range for forward movement

Group and private training classes and classroom available

Dynamic moving target training in a plethora of scenarios

Segregated shooting stalls for small and large caliber

Gun rentals

NFA gun rentals

Gallery with level 8 ballistic windows for viewing

Classroom for multiple types of instruction

Competition shooting events (Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF))

Galley for special events

Completely climate controlled

Granulated rubber bullet trap utilizing granulate rubber
material to stop incoming rounds, the bullet impacts
the soft media and is captured predominately intact,
minimizing airborne lead dust, averting back splatter
and ricochet, and minimizing impact noise. This
provides a cleaner and safer environment for shooting
ranges, and maximizes bullet recovery and recycling processes.


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